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“Irene was a fabulous teaching assistant! I will miss working with her! She was kind, funny, and really open with the students. The students trusted her with their questions, needs, and ideas, and I felt like she was always extremely supportive of the students, giving cheers and enthusiastic applause. She was very hands-on and had fantastic ideas throughout the sessions that I was quite appreciative of. The students and I also loved her sense of humor! Additionally, she was great at helping me with classroom behavior management — while having fun, maintaining professional boundaries between us and the students is a must, and so while the students were able to laugh and play and create art with us, they also always respected us as teachers in the room."

- Zennie Trieu, Teaching Artist

"Working alongside Irene is an absolute pleasure. She is intentional in her interactions with young people and adults alike - and asks thoughtful questions in new or challenging scenarios. Irene is patient and flexible, and able to adapt quickly under changing circumstances. She is an asset to any room she enters, and someone I would happily work with again."

- Ciara Ruddock, Teaching Artist

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